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Monday, August 01, 2005

BREAKING NEWS: Pataki to Kill Pill Bill

Yesterday, Legislature had passed a bill,
Now Pataki wants to kill the bill,
Oh I believe in Yesterday!

OK I can't keep the Beatles thing going with this one. Just kno that the NY State Legislature was one of the few in the nation to pass a bill that would allow women to go directly to the pharmacy with a blanket perscription from their doctor for the Morning After Pill. This would allow women to bypass having to schedule a doctors appointment and missing the pill's short window of effectiveness.

So while Wacky Pataki may not have Gubernatorial Re-election plans, I think this move of pandering to the Religious right can remove any doubt regarding his Presidential ambitions.

NARAL is pissed, particularly since they recently backed Blooberg for Mayor. Strange bedfellows indeed. I wonder if Bloomberg will help NARAL out on this and call Pataki for what he is.


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