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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Use the Freeper Strategy Dems!

In prouncing about the web searching for juicy tidbits on Doug Forrester I came across this freeper post from way back in 2002. Describing why Republicans can't win in a Democratic state.

It really is worth a read but you must prepare for it by reversing some words. Switch Conservatives for liberals, and Republicans for Democrats.

It is funny fodder for the current tug-o-war happening since Hillary said "can't we all just get along." Appeasing the centrist DLCers while they were pushing CAFTA through and undermining Democratic ideals.

Yes ignore the left thats what Democrat centrists are saying. These are the same folks who have led the Democrats into defeat since Clinton was in the White House.

Ironically, the same has happened here in the great state of New Jersey. Where Republicans are the embattled party in a super Smurfy blue state. So I thought it was great to see a freeper try and describe Doug's loss in 2002 saying that they were too centrist!

HA HA! You almost have to agree with them.