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Friday, July 29, 2005

Gems from Dems

Reading this article about SHAFTA CAFTA regarding the republican strong arming and deal making to get this Crappy (with a capital C) bill passed we get some great quotes from the loosers. First we hear from the DCCC mouth Burton about how pissed off he was that Rep. Chuck Taylor (R-NC) didn't cast a vote:
He seemed to find time to vote for procedural motions and legislation that had nothing to do with North Carolina,' said Bill Burton, a spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, 'but he couldn't seem to figure out how to squeeze in the time to vote against a trade deal that could cost North Carolina thousands of jobs.

Hey Burton you seemed to find time to talk to newspapers about a vote that had nothing to do with the passing of CAFTA but you couldn't seem to figure out how to squeeze the time in to strong arm the 15 democrats that voted FOR a trade deal that could cost the United States of America thousands of jobs. Not to mention a possible future democratic majority.

Then of course Nancy Pelosi came to the mic:
"Once again, the floor of the House of Representatives resembled the set of 'Let's Make a Deal,' " Ms. Pelosi said Thursday.

Hey Nancy, if you would use the same tactics once in a while the "Let's Make a Deal" mentality could actually spell some victories for you instead of losses like CAFTA.

The Democrats are constantly being usurped of any potential platform in this congress. First bankruptcy, a champion bill for the credit card industry. Then Class Action a champion bill for all negligent corporations. Then the energy bill passes, a champion bill for big oil company replete with free tax dollar giveaways to the very corporations already getting rich off of the energy crisis this country is going through. And finally CAFTA, the bill that will give corporations a free ride to transport any textile, sugar, and other farming jobs directly to Central America where labor is cheap and thus more cost effective. The savings as we have seen wtih the Chinese trade agreement, will not be passed onto consumers but to CEO's and their big bonus butressed bank accounts in Switzerland.

At a time when The Hammer and The Hastert were weakened enough to have 27 deffectors from the party, Democrats would be wise to get their own members to vote with the party, and stop whinning about Republicans not voting against theirs.