Media in Trouble: All the news thats UNfit to print!: Pew says I am a Liberal

"The information of the people at large can alone make them safe, as they are the sole depositary of our political and religious freedom." --Thomas Jefferson 1810

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Pew says I am a Liberal

I say you go on over to PEW and take this test. Besides confirming whatever you thought of yourself as, and labeling you amongst some generalized group of people it may have a decent effect on how pollsters look at demographic data. In any case I got labeled a Liberal which was a huge surprise. I thought for sure my stances on the environment, protecting the poor, and against Bush would hardly be enough to just go and plainly label me a liberal. I was hoping for a dissenfranchised Democrat to tell you the truth. However, I thought it disingenuous of PEW to not precede the word with a qualifier like "flaming" or "godless", the least they could have done was put quotations around the word. But the best part was learning about the Liberal goup:
"This group has nearly doubled in proportion since 1999, Liberals now comprise the largest share of Democrats and is the single largest of the nine Typology groups. They are the most opposed to an assertive foreign policy, the most secular, and take the most liberal views on social issues such as homosexuality, abortion, and censorship. They differ from other Democratic groups in that they are strongly pro-environment and pro-immigration, issues which are more controversial among Conservative and Disadvantaged Democrats."

Yeay liberulz. We are the biggest group of 9! Thats freking great. If only the Washington nutbags running the show would learn this bit of info perhaps they would start listening a tad.