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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Got Milk?

Has anyone else seen this type of sign at work?

The milk in the refrigerator is for use only in coffee or tea. Milk for cereal can be purchased by the pint in the cafeteria.

Now I just so happen to be a cereal eater, and I just so happen to use the milk in the company "coffee/tea" refrigerator. Sometimes there is no milk in my refrigerator and I have to take my cereal bowl a'huntin' for a fridge that does contain milk.

So it won't come as a surprise that I don't like the idea that someone who drinks coffee is entitled to free milk, whilst someone eating cereal is not.

Coffee is nowhere near the healthy breakfast item that cereal is, but I know people who will add just as much milk (if not more) to their 54 ounce coffee cup as I would add in my 10 ounce cereal bowl.

Why shouldn't cereal eaters have access to free milk? This is obviously the company's way of cutting their milk costs so that their bottom line looks better come earnings season.

However, if they are going to limit free milk access to a population that they believe uses less milk (coffee drinkers), why not apply this policy to other free services employers offer their employees.

Take toilet paper for instance. Why not put a sign up saying:
Toilet paper usage is restricted to people who have normal bowel movements. If you suffer from diarhea, Crohn's disease, or other abnormality that requires more than the normal ammount of toilet paper, please purchase your toilet paper from the toilet paper supplier.

Fact is almost anything is a write off for a corporation. Corporations should encourage the usage and/or wastage of free items (like milk and toilet paper) by their employees in order to pay fewer taxes. In doing so, corporations can equal if not improve the effect of said write-offs on their blessed bottom line.