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Monday, March 07, 2005

The Sphere... She is Round!

Lube up those mice, its time for another edition of The Sphere... She is Round:

Why is it that left wing-journalists who prefer peace to war are called left-wing journalistsby the associated press just because they complain about being shot at by soldiers who didn't give a rats ass when that journalist was being held hostage by people who would have cut that journalist's head off. Look it was an acident, its a war zone, shit happens. However, surviving what most right-wing "journalists" didn't have the sack to put themselves in for the sake of documenting history doesn't qualify you as a left-winger.

Shame on Angela Doland (someone who has not been to Iraq yet contributes to a lot of stories from peaceful Rome) from the AP for ledeing with "Left wing journalist" instead of just journalist. Why the qualifier? Or as most conservatives will no-doubt categorize it, the disqualifier. Giuliana Sgrena, you almost died at least twice. I don't care what political affiliation you associate yourself with. You are a journlaist and not the enemy of any country. If you think guys representing our country messed up, that is worthy of you asking for some sort of appology. And anyone who hasn't gone to Iraq for the sake of delivering the news, who hasn'tbeen kidnapped by islamo-fascists, has no right to denegrate you or your story as left-wing bullshit.

Those people are gutless pigs.

Speaking of gutless pigs.

Why isn't there a couple of libel/slander/defamation lawsuits springing up against this website?

I am upset my picture isn't up there with the terrorists aren''t you? Come-on fellow terrorist sympathizers, you know you are with me right?

In other news, the ERA (Equal Rights Ammendment) seems to have gained new ground since the 70's. If you are wondering about what the ERA is, you should watch last weeks Independent Lens. This was the biggest organized movement women ever put together. It gained speed and crashed into the brick wall of Rich White Men who were running the country at the time. The idea behind the movement was to ammend the constitution with something constructive like:
"Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex."

Seems to me that until that happens we won't legally be able to recognize women as equals. Thanks to media girl for noticing that this is comming to the forefront a bit. Democrats take heed, a ripe constituency awaits. Women need to be nurtured and fought for by our party. WHile Jimmy Carter failed them in the 70's, the Democrats would be wise to correct their historical flaw and swoop women into their camp with the ERA.

Frank Rich has a good column about the mediocre media.

There has sprung yet another coalition of the willing regarding the crappy bankrupt bill. So that's why I have that advert up.

BIG BIG NEWS! Marth Stewart is out of jail and serving the rest of her sentence under house arrest, like that dude on Desperate Housewives. Oh but you all probably knew about that, right?

UPDATE: Republicans flip flop too!

So that's pretty much a wrap.