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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Generally, the quality of legislation is inversly proportional to the ammount of time lobbyists spend on pushing it on K street. In the case of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (S 256) 8 years is a long time to push a bill that will neither prevent bankruptcy abuse, nor will it protect consumers.

In fact many people like Kevin Drum, Atrios, The New Republic (DLC BASTARDS!), Oliver Willis, Preemptive Karma, EVEN THE FREEPER CONSERVATIVE WINGNUTS don't support this thing. Bill Clinton vetoed it (for you centrists out there).

This is people all over the country Left, Center, and Right.

The Democrats have probably won some political points.

Ted Kennedy tried to piggy back a minimum wage increase onto this bill. The Republican's who apparently did not listen to their best friend in Iraq, those lovely pro-democracy socialists accross the pond, The Brits. Last week during the House of Commons Questions time, Tony Blair stated that since their minimum wage hike was enacted Britain gained 2 million jobs. Im not kidding:
Hugh Bayley (City of York) (Lab): Since Labour brought in the minimum wage against fierce opposition from the economic wizards on the Opposition Front Benches who claimed that it would cost jobs, the number of people employed in my constituency has increased by 10,000. I am pleased that the Labour Government continue to increase the minimum wage by more than inflation, but there are still some people—home workers, cockle pickers and other exploited and sweated workers—who do not get the minimum wage. Will the Government organise a major campaign to tell people about their rights at work and how to claim them?

The Prime Minister: We certainly will do that. It is important that we ensure that people are aware of their rights under the minimum wage legislation. My hon. Friend is absolutely right to say that literally hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from the introduction of the minimum wage. The uprating is extremely welcome. It shows that we can combine a strong high-employment economy with social justice and fairness. I think that it was somebody sitting not too far away from me who described the minimum wage as "extreme, dangerous and absurd," and said that it would cost 2 million jobs. We introduced the minimum wage and we got 2 million extra jobs.

Though Dick Santorum also tried his own wage hike, his was not all inclusive, in fact all those "home workers, cockle pickers and other exploited and sweated workers" wouldn't be helped out at all, neither would those making overtime pay, because his idea would keep you from being able to score overtime pay. SO DICK, sorry nice try and I am sure your campaign will benefit from your skewed ammendment that was killed by your own party.

Supporting the troops? Democrats proposed an ammendment to keep the troops out of this means testing (meaning the government, that great big beurocracy the republicans keep trying to stop growing, will be deciding who gets bankruptcy protection and who doesn't). No dice they do not get exempted by this means test. I hope they aren't too worried about their checking account while they are out killing terrorists for the freedom of the credit card companies.

Even those morally bankrupt anti-abortionists will not be exempt from this law. Democrats also proposed an ammendment to keep anti-abortion protesters from being affected. They used to be able to protest violently, get arrested, and hide behind bankruptcy laws to help keep them a protesting. Have no doubts about it, this bill may scare some of those anti-abortion protesters away from the clinics. This alone could potentially increase the quantity of abortions, given they are the last obstacle between a women and Dr. Mengala.


IT IS FOR THE CREDITORS. It is a form of Corporate welfare. It is trash, garbage, and anyone who supports it should be usurped of their political aspirations to run for any office. Credit Card companies prey on people by offering them more credit than they can handle responsibly, this is well documented.

Keep that in mind in watching this bill. NOBODY SHOULD BE BACKING IT.