Media in Trouble: All the news thats UNfit to print!: DoD torturing American Soldiers

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Friday, March 04, 2005

DoD torturing American Soldiers

That's what I said.

Suppose you quit drinkin, or smoking, or just got off the heroin. Say you go through the withdrawal, the therapy. All that good stuff. Would you want your next move to be going to a bar, or hooking up with your old heroin dealer?

Probably not. Today's soldiers fighting in Iraq are comming back more frequently with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (or as George Carlin would call it, Shell Shock). This disorder is both mentally and physically dibilitating. It leaves soldiers with tendencies towards suicide and violence towards themselves and others around them. It is an uphill battle the Department of Defense has been fighting ever since World War I.

PBS Frontline focused on the issue of treating these mental disorder. Luckily the Department of Defense has a policy in place that now requires all military personel who has been on active duty to attend mandatory treatment sessions with a counselor(s). They made it mandatory because they started to realize that most soldiers thought it was a sign of weakness actually seeking help for these emotional disabilities.

Should the soldiers be diagnosed with PTSD, they have a more intense treatment that lasts about 6 weeks.

Thus they made it mandatory. For that the DoD should be applauded.

Now for the torture part.

Once soldiers complete their 6 week treatment program, once their minds have become settled and quasi numbed to the nightmares, the cold sweats, the drinking and druging problem they may have developed, their loss of the girlfriend or wife they started beating after they got back, what does the military do?


That's right, the Military is sending these poor bastards back to Iraq to refresh their memory of all those bombs blowing up, and their friends blowing up, and the stress of driving on Iraq's IED infested roads, throwing them back into ambushes, battling the unseen enemy in the dark, and all those other wonderful situations that FUCKED THE SOLDIERS UP IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Now this is how we support our troops.

Just when they thought they were out... THEY PULL THEM BACK IN!