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Friday, March 04, 2005

Bizzaro War on Terror

A classic case in the muslim world really.

Your typical man gets molested by clerics, clerics accuse said man of molesting a woman of their tribe, tribe complains and gets the local imams to sentence molested man's sister to be gang raped.

Read this

There were six men total of those six:
Five men sentenced to death in 2002 for their role in a gang rape that was approved by a council in a remote Pakistani village had their convictions overturned Thursday. A sixth man convicted in the case, which set off worldwide outrage, had his death sentence commuted to life in prison, lawyers in the case said.

Supposedly only 4 out of the 6 actually raped the woman (who had absolutely nothing to do with anything). Do the math, seems like most of those guys got off scott free huh.

This is in Pakistan. The same people who we know have WMD, have been alleged to sell them to Iran and N. Korea, and are a state sponsor of terror. Pakistan is also fighting India over Kashmir (this situation is walking that fine line between death, more death, and genocide). Pakistan is also an ally of ours on the war on terror and even though Osama Bin Laden has been on the loose in Pakistan for almost 3 years they have yet to produce any leads.

Why are we not speaking out against Pakistan and what is it that they have that keeps them on our "good friends" list. This case is just one of many.

So while this case doesn't mean much on the war on terror, it is one that shines a light on some of the human rights violations some o four allies are performing, these are the same allies garnering much support both financially, and militarily.

Just another example of how this adminstration is promoting human rights violators, WMD manufacturers, WMD dealers, terrorist suporters, and war mongering nation that is aiding the process of moving towards committing genocide.

This reminds me of how we used to sponsor Nicaraguan terrorists in the eighties.

Why Pakistan still considered an ally?

Perhaps it is their incompetence. Either that or their reckless abandon from the rule of law.