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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Fact Checking the Fact check


HA I knew it was too early in the morning to read the latest email update on so I kept it until i had lunch because it was concerning a Move on newspaper ad.

They updated the last dispatch with the following:
The newspaper ad stuck much closer to fact when it stated that Social Security "can meet 100% of its obligations for the next 37 years with no changes to the current system, according to the Social Security Administration." That's true, though the system will begin to require infusions from general tax revenues after 2018 (or 2020, according to CBO) and those infusions will grow over time.


Those infusions will come from the Social Security Trust Fund.

They are spinnin over at factcheck.

Technically I guess the Trust Fund comes from general tax revenues. However, that surplus of revenues collected goes into the Trust Fund.

Which is currently physically represented by Treasury Bonds.

It will be Treasury Bonds unless (or if you are jaded like myself...until) Bush gets his way.