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Thursday, January 27, 2005

LIVE Blogging - Maggie Gallagher is on NEWSHOUR

So far she is denying that she has done anything wrong.

Sticking to the story about how she is a marriage expert.

She is saying that Howard Kurtz came short of slandering her.

"I wish I would have disclosed the contract."

Tony Blankley is defending her. Saying the government paid her to give them opinions on their marriage initiative.

Tony doesn't seem to think she has done wrong.

Tom Rosenstiel says that it would be ok for someone to be paid to write an opinion they already believe... So long as you disclose it.

Maggie says, "I do not want to be defended by the notion that I was paid to write an opinion that I already believed."

Tony Blankley is discussing the Krauthammer case. He is assuming that he was brought in to understand the substance of the Inaugural Speech. He doesn't know wether Krauthammer or Kristol actually had a hand in writting the speech.

Tom Rosenstiel contributes that there is no perception that the media is fair... especially when it comes to opinion writers. However, the notion of being independent is what is at stake here. If you are being paid by the government to opine on that government you are no longer Independent.

So long as you disclose it.