Media in Trouble: All the news thats UNfit to print!: Joe Scarborough finds his answer in Tom Delay

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Joe Scarborough finds his answer in Tom Delay

First read the piece Uncle Joe Scarborough put up on MSNBC.

On and on he rants about liberal media blah blah, same old story blah blah.

He asks one question:

"Isn't it remarkable that we never heard terms like “American imperialism” or “US hegemony” or “unilateral war” when former President Bill Clinton launched military strikes against Haiti, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sudan, or Iraq?"

Now read what Sam Rosenfeld points out in American Prospect

Where he quotes Tom Delay in 1999 regarding Clinton's Kosovo bombings:

"I am opposed to this policy. I think it's a flawed policy. It was flawed going in. We haven't been told the truth about what's going on. This administration told us it would just be a couple of days of bombing. Milosevic would come to the table. If that didn't happen, it would be a couple of more days. And now they're saying that we've got to be in there to win to save face. Well, they have been proven wrong every day, and even the bombing has not made much difference other than weaken Milosevic's ability to defend his nation. But they have strengthened the resolve of the Serbian people."

And then you add all the other stuff about the recent republican Senators "poo poo on you" Rumsfeld stuff from the DCCC Stakeholder

What do you have, a big mish mosh of conservatives all in disagreement about very similar situations and eating their own words.

Dinner is served!