Media in Trouble: All the news thats UNfit to print!: Why Real Republicans Shouldn't Vote for Bush

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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Why Real Republicans Shouldn't Vote for Bush

The Republican party stands for freedom and lack of interference from the government. They believe on market forces running the economy. They think that the more money in people's hands the better, because they can make their own choices with their money. They believe in fiscal responsibility.

They also believe in smaller government and reduced government spending.

It amazes me how this has been distorted by the president and his administration.

The Heritage Foundation has put for the following in their report at the end of 2003:

"The 2003 fiscal year mercifully concluded on September 30. Reckless spending by Congress and the President made it a year in which:

  • Government spending exceeded $20,000 per household for the first time since World War II
  • The federal budget expanded by $353 billion over its 1998 level
  • Defense and the attacks on September 11, 2001, accounted for less than half of all new spending since 2001
  • Mandatory spending reached its highest level in history
  • Spending increased despite net interest costs plummeting by $110 billion."

Meanwhile, they are cutting taxes. I hate taxes, I hate paying them especially when I don't agree with where they are being allocated. However, I see this just as a CEO would. If you are spending more, then you need to somehow find a way to earn more money.

So what we have here is an increase in spending and a reduction in income tax earnings for the government. The Bush administration is the first in the history of civilization to raise taxes during war time.

As for allowing market forces to run the economy. How is giving no-bid contracts to Halliburton and others in Iraq allowing market forces to take place.

How is removing Medicare's buying power allowing market forces to help the economy.

Forget the moralistic aspect of the party because morals don't belong in government according to the real Republican agenda. Freedom does not mean you or the government gets to impose your morals on me.

How is squandering a $5.3 trillion projected surplus (which was going to be used to fund social security) being fiscally responsible?

How is going to war to profit government lobbyists a reduction in government corruption?

How is not taking responsibility for your mistakes a reflection of an "ownership society"?

Republicans when you go to the polls this Tuesday you need to ask yourselves one question.

Is President Bush really a Republican?