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Friday, October 29, 2004

When Piety Becomes Priority - How God Is Running Our Country

I am starting to understand why this country propped up Saddam in the first place. He was a secularist, he killed those damned Kurds and suppressed the Shiites and the Sunni's. He WAS our stronghold in the Middle East. If we would have left him there the Muslims would have eventually all gotten gassed.

I mean lets keep it straight here. God is a Republican right?

God hates people who have abortions, yet he lets Bush wage war in another part of the world and send our sons and daughters to death.

God hated Chris Reeve, obviously he was promoting more killing of babies. I mean the embryos we are talking about are just frozen waiting to be destroyed anyway. So maybe God doesn't like those embryos.

God must have a sneaky plan in place for the Supreme Court because he gave the Cheif Justice Cancer even though he is a conservative. Maybe he his funneling a message to Bush to put an even MORE conservative judge on the court.

God must also be a Curt Schilling fan since he said it was the hand of God that helped him win Game 6 against the Yankees. He has even found miracle doctors. Besides God gets lots of publicity from baseball with all this God Bless America stuff everyday being played out in front of millions of people.

God however, must not be a fan of the over 3000 people who died on September 11. Where was god during Nuremberg? Where was he in Madrid when the trains blew up? Where was God when Saddam gassed the Kurds?

More importantly God must not be a fan of accountability. At least not in this country. I am sick of Bush getting all this clout for not allowing another terrorist attack. If I recall, it was Bush that was in office when the bombing occurred. Yet the National Security advisor Condoleeza Rice is on the campaign trail with the President instead of doing her job of handling the intelligence that can possibly point to another attack before election day (according to the president).

In his interview with Sean Hannity he admitted he was reading. The President said he was reading Oswald Chambers' "My Utmost to the Highest." Yet he has constantly admitted to not reading the newspapers.

More and more incompetence gets thrown by the waist side, spinning into the black hole of punditry. Bush has gotten away with more crimes than any American president in History. More blunders have occurred in Iraq than the Red Sox have had since 1918. Bill Buchner could have done a better job at guarding the explosives that the 101st somehow missed.

Over 380 tons of high test explosives have disappeared sometime between January and May of 2003. The 101st airborne division of the army stopped at the site that the IAEA checked out and sealed only 30 miles from Baghdad. They just stopped but didn't fully inspect it. They didn't have orders to inspect the site. That means that generals somewhere didn't think that a munitions site that the IAEA site wasn't important enough to check out.

These bombs are powerful. Just one pound is enough to bring a plane down a plane. Which God wasn't watching that day in Lockerbie either.

For months I have been asking myself, "Where are these insurgents getting these bombs?" I mean most of these guys are poor unemployed Iraqis. Well now we may know that when our cameras were busy filming the looting of Baghdad palaces, they should have been filming the looting of munitions yards.

I am sure God wont be around when these explosives will be used against us.