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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

When Politics Defeats Science

heh Indeed.

Read the whole thing and make sure you read the italicized part about who the author is or rather was.

I work for a Pharmaceutical company and it baffles the crapskies out of me why they would risk their integrity of being the bastion of science/reality based decisions in our regulatory system. This cowtowing about Plan B is really political pandering to the religious right and allowing them to take this issue and the FDA by the nutsack is simply bullshit.

Plan B does not cause abortions it prevents them. It is that simple and if we can't depend on the FDA to make that distinction for the stupid people who don't know how long it takes for egg and sperm to meet then we have come to a place where science is truly loosing the war of ideas.

America's future is bleaker so long as the FDA halts or holds up approval for something so simple as this.