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Friday, March 03, 2006

Roman A' Clef

Once in a while, we get a great example of just how stupid the right is and how misguided their tirades are against us on the left. Exhibit 1,863Charles Krauthammer's "Oscars for Osama." Krauthammer decides that once again by choosing to honor such violent terrorist boosting films as Paradise Now, Munich, and Syriana, Hollywood and the liberalism it represents is hurting America by emboldening the enemy.

His rationale is the typical old "if we show the terrorists conspiracy theories that are roman a' clef, we embolden them and give them more reasons to want to blow us up."

How many times has this come out of the right? And how many times do we on the left need to turn around and educate the infantic cotton brains that despite what they say, a movie, an article, and yes even a cartoon, do not create the level of hatred towards the west that we see in the Muslim world today. It is the actual actions of what we do that cause the hatred that led to the destruction we saw on 9/11. This concept is not difficult to understand. We as a country didn't necessarily hate Muslims until a few of their brethren blew our twin towers and Pentagon up right? We as a country didn't really give a rat's ass about Arabs so long as they gave us oil and didn't blow up any of our boats right?

What would make you hate someone else more? A movie about someone killing your mother? Or an actual somone killing your mom, daughter, and entire family as in Iraq? What would make you hate a person/ country that person represents more? A picture of someone torturing someone you know? Or if someone actually came and kidnapped your loved one and sent them off to a place where they are tortured daily, for no reason and without any recourse?

All these things are not difficult to understand. Using the actions of a few (supposed) representatives of a faction or political spectrum as justification for ensuing violent actions is reckless. Charles Krauthammer, your argument would bare much more fruit if say Liberals had been in charge when 9/11 occured, or if Liberals had been in charge when we decided Iraq was more important than Osama Bin Laden, or even if Liberals had made the decision to imprison, torture, and render muslims. Yet, they were not. It was people who share your ideology that made these decisions and perhaps have been more successfulat fomenting anti-American sentiment in the middle east and throughout the world.

Moreover, your siliencing techniques are just as un-American as the ideals you claim to have excercised by supporting unilateral use of our freedom loving nation's military force in a country that did not attack us.

You know, sharing the nomination for best film with the "anti-American" Syriana is a film that portrays another time in American history when tactics such as these were a popular means of demonizing fellow Americans.

That film Mr. Krauthammer is entitled "Good Night, and Good Luck." Perhaps you should go see it.