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Friday, January 13, 2006

Alito hearts Bork

I realized I have been mostly silent re Scalito. But I really think its all useless. He was caught lying lots about his 8 year membership to the racist, sexist Concerned Alumni of Princeton club for white men. He was also non-forward and rather unasnwerative (if that is a word). The Dems weren't comming across seriously and the media painted them as badgers.

Plus I thought it rather odd that being lied to didn't affect that commitee at all. Why wasn't there a motion to call him out on perjuring himself to the committee? Where was the lack of smart philosophical questions? Where was the outrage at the non-asnwers? Most of this hearing was no different than the Roberts hearing. Lotsa grandstanding and not enough substantive philosophical questioning. It was indeed a pageant. One that made a mockery of the rubber stamp judiciary commitee. In any case, here is a clip from 1988 NJN news, which highlights at least one reason why we should at the very least question Sam Alito.

In that clip he professes great admiration for Robert Bork. For those of you who don't know Bork, he was a man who did not believe in privacy (ie. abortion rights, and presumeably, presidentially sanctioned warrantless wiretaps) and said so loudly and proudly in front of the Judiciary committee during his hearings. Perhaps the difference then was the Democratic majority on that committee, perhaps that emboldened them do defeating the extreme views of Bork. However, today we have a different brand of Democrat. They just talk tough, and as Daou states quite excellently, they know not how to use the tools available to them.

In any case, I doubt a filibuster is upon us. It is an election year, and Democrats though they have nothing to loose, shall not play such risky moves. However, it is just such theatrics that would perhaps demonstrate to the country that the Democrats care too much about civil rights, to allow a racist, sexist, bigoted bastard on the highest court in the land.

Here's to wishful thinking.