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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Spygate, the Plot Thickens

Told ya you would get some output from me today!

I hope many of you brought up Bush's spying on Americans without using the legal avenues afforded him in the old FISA law. A law, by the way, that was implemented after Nixon thought he had the power to spy on Americans.

So, as I have mentioned before, should the focus of the spying have been solely terrorist folks, the mechanisms are already in place to arrest the shit out of them and shuffle them off to Gitmo so that we can torture the shit out of them and get the same info that a dubious wiretapping would have. At least that is what pro-torture folks have led me to believe, that torture is necessary to get intelligence. And that intelligence gathered via torture is so damned good, it kept the Brooklyn bridge from meeting death by wanton torch wielding welders.

So the real question to come out of spygate (besides the legality of it all of course), is WHO? Who got spied on? Many folks would have reserved agreement with spying on "known terrorists" heck maybe even I would. NOT. However, the real danger is if they went around the court (as many suspect) to get to spying on fun folks, people the FISA court would never grant a warrant for.

Now we have this from AMERICAblog, which points to an Andrea Mitchell bean spilling that Christiane Amanpour was spied on. Of course, a middle eastern person such as herself, reporting constantly on the middle east (and other shit stormed places of the world) would be in touch with folks in the middle east. Given Bush's twisted logic of "If somebody from Al Qaeda [read: any brown person from the general middle eastern area of the world] is calling you, we'd like to know why." Amanpour's phone may very well have received a call from someone somewhere who somehow somewhen called someone with or without knowing that had connections to Al-Qaeda.

So obviously, should this story turn out to be true, Bush has all the right in the world to tap Christiane Amanpour's phone without a warrant. She is most certainly a threat to national security, ship her off to Gitmo. FASTER PLEASE!