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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sorry for the lax posting, I have been Drinkin'

Sorry this space has been dead recently, but the holiday season leaves little time for screwin' around the internets in search of media mischief. Besides, if my blog is the only blog you read, then your missing out; make it a point to read Atrios daily so that you can keep as informed as me. Also, I have been posting quite often on New Jersey issues over at and it has landed me a nomination for a Screaming Carrot (go vote for me). Sorry but they get almost 1,000 hits a day which means more eyeballs reading my blathering crapola.

In any case, Vermont was awesome. Not enough snow to really enjoy some kick ass snowboarding but still got on the slopes for 2 half days of snowy goodness. No broken clavicle's this time. I did get to do what I really wanted, which was sample some more of the local beers. Magic Hat has an awesome wheat Stout (their innovative recipes never cease to amaze) called "Saint Gootz" if you can get it get it. Magic's Single Chair Lager is also pretty damned good. Otter Creek's "Castle Rock Ale" (which I think is their "Alpine ale" renamed for the bar at Sugarbush ski resort) is also pretty damned good. I would say that many of the ales I tasted were simple, well balanced and had a hoppy finish. Nothing fancy, probably dry hopped with Cascade Hops. "Switchback" is once of the latest microbreweries to make it big in Vermont. To me, making it big in Vermont means having a pull at "Nectar's." Nectar's is like the Stone Pony of Burlington, the place where Phish started out. Switchback Ale was cloudy right out of the pull! I was like? Holy Shit, this unfiltered dirty shit is being sold at Nectar's?!? I was pretty crazed when I put it to my lips. It tasted unclean, yet balanced, and again dry hopped with Cascade. Magic Hat being the exception I was totally unimpressed by the beers I tasted. I said, I can and DO make beers just like this if not better at home!

In any case, I am kicking myself in the arse for not buying that twelver trail mix from Long Trail when I saw it. I could have had yet another bunch of beers to try.

Finally, I was dismayed when in Albany (yeah I got around last week), I came upon a four pack of Ommegang's Belgian. The beer was fantastic, don't get me wrong. However, I shattered my future idea of being the only Belgian craft brewer in the Northeast. I guess I will have to share that market with Ommegang. Drinking their "Abbey Ale" was really exciting, it tasted just like the "Trappist Tripple" I had brewed not too long ago. I have one bottle left and I think I will cellar it for a year, why not!

So many microbrews, so little time. I am considering starting a homebrew blog, would any one of you 5 people who come daily maybe spend some time on that?

I wanna blog about the road to opening my pub-brewery in Vermont. Meanwhile I will post my brews and brewing tips and stuff. Right now, I have an excellent oatmeal stout and my first successful attempt at all-grain brewing will be bottled this Sunday. Also this Sunday, I will be brewing a Raspberry Wheat Hefe. The ladies are sure to love that one.

So look forward to more juicy bloggy goodness in 2006. More posting to come.

PS... Blogger has added more functionality to their blog this function kudos!!