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Monday, November 21, 2005

History Revisionisming

As Josh notes, there is a ton of stories comming out today that should have came out two years ago.

First the hypocrisy from the White House. You have POTUS and VPOTUS both claiming Democrats and liberals are going batshit crazy and revising history because they have no right to because they were for the war, and now they are against it, and that they had all the same information he had and all that crapska...

This from a famous history revisionist. President Bush has been caught multiple times revising history here are links to just a few:

Vietnam War


Now we are finding that Mr. President is wanting to change what happened in more recent history. It seems like only weeks ago we find the President in South America claiming "We Do Not Torture." Then just Friday we read this story from ABC, saying that in essence, we not only torture, but we use the shitty info gained to promote the war.

Also in that recent speech about history revisionism, Bush claimed Congress had the same info he did. Luckily Bob Graham (chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence) the has been able to call him out on his bullshit on the editorial page of Washington Post.

Also accompanying any talk of bashing any anti-war lunatical liberal, is the point that the Silberman-Robb committee has exonerated the White House from any political pressure on intelligence folks (as factcheck has been so apt at screwing up in their latest). Along with this, typically, is this talking point that every other intelligence agency and country in the world thought Saddam had WMDs. Luckily the LA Times calls bullshit on both. Curveball, for those no longer remembering small pre-war details, was one of the folks whose intelligence on WMD provided the alley oop pass for a certain "slam dunk."
Curveball was the chief source of inaccurate prewar U.S. accusations that Baghdad had biological weapons, a commission appointed by Bush reported this year. The commission did not interview Curveball, who still insists his story was true, or the German officials who handled his case.

The Commission is the Silbermann-Robb commision. Now if they didn't review the Curveball case, then perhaps they didn't review anything at all.

Literally, Curveball's stuff was debunkified by the Germans who called him an alcoholic among other things. Apparently, he is a teenager as well?
Jerry tracked down Curveball's Sunni Muslim parents in a middle-class Baghdad neighborhood.

"Our guy was very polite," Kay recalled. "He said, 'We understand your son doesn't like Americans.' His mother looked shocked. She said, 'No, no! He loves Americans.' And she took him into [her son's] bedroom and it was filled with posters of American rock stars. It was like any other teenage room. She said one of his goals was to go to America."

Now the attrocities listed in this LA Times piece, coupled with Senator Bob Graham's rebuke should end all this talk about pre-war intelligence and how wonderfully valid it was. NO. If anything, the LA Times piece debunks whatever silly findings of Silberman-Robb, and Graham demolishes the notion that congress saw everything the President saw. Now why the rest of Senate Democrats didn't vote along with their own chariman of the Senate Select Commitee on Intelligence, is beyond me. However, I hope this lays to rest any revisionisming spewing forth from 1600 Pensylvania Avenue.

Side note: John McCain was recently doing his book tour and spewed much of the pre-war bullshit I highlighted above. It is interesting to note that he was on Silberman-Robb. Unfortunately, the LA Times revelation about curveball was not available to the various interviewers then. However, I wonder if the next intrepid journalist that comes accross John McCain's willing to talk mouth, can't ask him why his commission didn't interview Curveball?