Media in Trouble: All the news thats UNfit to print!: Why are we in Iraq?

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Why are we in Iraq?

There is lots of groundhog day type of stuff happening around the blogpsphere ever since Bush has said Democrats are trying to revise history. The left is just constantly regurgitating the truths about the Robb-Silberman Report (whose scope did not include use of intelligence by administration officials), and all other things that would be put in Michael Moore land by anyone worshipping the president. Josh Marshall has an excellent capitulation of just how twisted these bastards had to be to do what they did.

All this revisionism talk by POTUS and Vice POTUS and their surrogates though has forced this debate upon the blogosphere, and luckily the media has picked up on it as well. NPR was able to at least call them out on at least one of their recent lies. How long has it been since any major media outlet put the facts so bluntly? I dunno.

So it would be nice and interesting to see if the media catches this train and runs with it. Perhaps we will finally have an airing out of all these revisionist statements that have been primarily made by the jingoistic chicken hawks on the right. If that is the case, then this move could well backfire on the administration causing deeper downturns in various poll numbers.

For in the concerto they were waving their batons to in 2002-2003 the drumbeats for war, along with the trumpeting of patriotism sort of placed the media citizens into a daze. The daze allowed the Pied Pipers' concert to continue while the ushers would drag the dissenting hecklers out of the auditorium.

Well, now that the tune has gone sour, and the pied pipers have lost their magical flutes, the crowd has risen. The hecklers are once again welcomed back into the hall, and they seem to be taking the baton over from the maestro.

Essentially, we now have volumes of data that is finally taken seriously, what used to pass for leftist propaganda now commands its proper level of factual respect. The intelligence is having a Frog Prince moment, and I am not sure the political supermen in the White House realized this when they started heckling the hecklers once more.