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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Calling Newshour Editors...

In the News summary on yesterday's Newshour, the graphic hovering above Gwen Ifill's shoulder during her summary of the Plan B news was a bit misleading.

In fact it was completely misleading. The graphic had the words Plan B in the upper left corner, and had the words "RU-486" in the lower right corner. (I am hoping someone can produce the video).

RU-486 as many will know is the "abortion pill." Which has been demonized in conventional wisdom byt he pro-life right. From the Plan B website:
Plan B® is not RU-486 (the abortion pill); it will not work if you are already pregnant.

Look Newshour folks, the FDA has already determined the fate of a drug that, if approved for over the counter use, can reduce the amount of unborn baby murders by 1.5 million per year. Plan B doesn't needs any help from the Newshour in turning public opinion against it. Leave that to the pro-lifers.