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Thursday, November 03, 2005

All raods lead to Cheney?

This won't come as a surprise to any who like me obsess over politics. I woke up to Steve Inskeep talking to Larry Wilkerson, in my shifty slumber I was listening to Larry talking about how people were steamrolled by the cabal that was Dick Cheney. It infuriated me on various fronts. First because I already knew Dick Cheney was running the country. Second because he was blaming Cheney for all things that I (and the left) had placed at the doormat of President Bush, from the war, to the torture going on at various prisons known and unknown.

So besides infuriating me by bursting my "Bush-is-the-evilest-man-on-the-planet bubble, Larry was doing something else. Speaking out... Today...


Where were you Larry, 3 years ago when you coulda quelshed the drumbeats for war? It isn't like you couldn't be anonymous. Shit Judy Miller was doling out anonimity and false titles to folks back then, and I am sure Dana Priest could have given you the same treatment.

Larry "Buck-short-dollar-late Wilkerson you and Steve Inskeep shoulda been pumpin through my clock radio 3 years ago if you wanted to make a difference.

It seems that it takes a Fitzgerald to get any Accountability done in Washington these days.

Wilkerson, thanks to your 3 years of silence 2000+ Americans have died, countless innocent brown people have died, hundreds have been tortured, our nation's treasure has been pilfered, and our standing in the world has been shot.

If you sleep better tonight for spilling your guts on Morning Edition, fine. I know many many many many more won't cuz they will have to deal with the memory of the one they lost. The one you could've saved had you done what you did today, 3 years ago.