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Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Sphere... She is Round!

Once again I am at a loss of ideas for shit to write on this godforsaken blog that has taken me through whirlwinds of twists and turns from distraughtitude (screw it others in blogsconcin make up words why shouldn't I) to elation back down to feeling a bit above the common weevil.

So since today I only have a computer long enough to get through the rest of the shit I read daily, might as well point out a few things I checked out this morning for yall. Be informed much of it comes from Atrios one whose readership I can only dream of attaining someday.

Here goes, First I remember a bunch of ass holes with purple fingers in the halls of Congress and a nicely set up photo op of an Iraqi lady and an American Lady who had lost her son hugging and basically pissing on all us lefties by doing so.

Well thanks to the Ben Franklins over in Iraq that lady may well be burned at the stake. Or something figuratively like it.

But Billmon puts it rather cutely. He also follows up nicely. And hits a homer Redford style with this little diddy.

Finally all them hawks that think more troops will make everything better like neosporin on a freshly opened wound, how bout another 1,500 or less than 1% increase.

Republicans are anti-military. So stop blaming Clinton for the size of the armed forces. The new pentagon, where all of the $500,000,000,000 go directly to big missile producing corporations! Who said that labor is dead in this country?

The French really hate us. So much so that the only world renowned athlete currently on our roster is now being accused of taking a drug that would make him able to assimilate oxygen better than the average bike rider. And here he was just yesterday, still high from biking with President Vactioner.

This is kinda like dog bites man, but so what, the president has always been one of the highest consumers of gas thanks to all them cool vehicles he gets to fly, ride, and drive around in. What makes it more of a man bites dog story is that gas is so damned expensive these days.

Democrats should be sending us a bunch of these in the mail.

Katie Couric keep getting colonoscopies, you are much more useful by doing so.

If Pat Robertson was a liberal he would be out on the streets with an empty coffe cup faster than you could say "could you spare me some cutter mate." But alas, he is a radical christian cleric and we love those people here in the great USofA.

Speaking of Radical Clerics, is not what you think it is. Nor has the honorable Jerry been too pleased with it.

Dissent among the GOP ranks! Shocking just Shocking!

I think this should definitely be in the next Bobo's world.

And finally why is training Iraqi's taking so damned long?

Well that's it folks!
As you can plainly see, She is NOT FLAT!