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Friday, August 19, 2005

Patty Patty Buch Buch

Every once in a while even I agree with that old geezer. Cindy Sheehan has done wonders for the anti-war movement. She basically kick started it back into motion.

Most people have got to now agree that we didn't loose the election because of Michael Moore or being anti-war. We lost because John Kerry voted for it before voting against it. And that was the nasty ugly and goddamned expensive road that the establishment DLC democrats led us down by throwing all their chips onto John Kerry.

I like John Kerry, hes a good man in my book. But in my opinion, you can't be an opposition party or candidate when your voting record shows that you voted for the war you are preaching against. It just doesn't work that way. I am sure anyone voting on that fateful day had lost many an hour o' sleep thinkin' if I don't vote for it and it turns into the great achievement of the first Iraq war, then I'll be outta a job.

Just to show that I have some understanding of the politics behind such a vote.

Back to the anti-war movement. Unfortunately for Buchannan he doesn't quite grasp how fast things move in the internets these days when he says:
Why is no leader in the Democratic Party giving voice to the antiwar cause with the perseverance and passion of Cindy Sheehan? Why are they all hiding in the tall grass, or making statements about how they support the war and the troops, but just disagree with how Bush has managed it. If polls are to be believed, half the nation now agrees with Cindy Sheehan.

our boy Russ has done it. He just ain't in the tall grasses of Crawford because Michael Moore is there. And if you hang out with Michael Moore the swift boaters and their minions on the right will call you the anti-christ.

Thanks to Cindy, lefty bloggers are again revisiting the idea of pulling out, many of them flip flopping their positions of not too long ago. This is excellent if you ask me, however disgusting I find political oppotunism to be. It's fantabulicious because you have folks like Ezra Klien, a smart kid who wonks with the best of them, bringning the whole, why should we stay question.

Even Kevin Drum (also a DLC sypathizer) has joined the question posing crowd.

Look Iraq is FUBAR. It just simply is. There is no longer a viable exit stratergy. We can hope that once they accopmlish all those "goals" we set out for them that they can go on and do the rest themselves.

However, staying the course is no longer a viable option. It fuels the insurgency and argueably dissallows anything from happening positively since we are the cause of the violence. I don't buy that bullshit that just becaues they are blowing up random civilians that they are no longer targeting Americans. Its bulshit and you can tell by the ever growing numbers of American Dead Soldiers.

As for the movement here at home, we need to bring it to the front steps of the White House after Bush gets back to work. He hates the fact that one eye is on him on vacation while the other eye is looking at Cindy Sheehan just outside his front door.

This needs to continue in order for Bush (and the press) to get annoyed at the war. The anti-war movement of Vietnam was successful not just because of the numbers of people involved, but because they hounded Washington (ie. where the press lives). If the press were comming out of a gaggle to a greeting from 100 anti-war protesters perhaps they would start asking these folks some questions. Live protest shots would ensue.

Perhaps someone white would go missing, and then a cable media blitz would occur, it would be perfect. That way we could trick even Gretta Van Sustern into covering it.

Crawford folks, once this vaca is over, move to DC. If anything its a bit cooler and the grass is kept shorter. Then report the whitest hottest woman you got missing.