Media in Trouble: All the news thats UNfit to print!: Hanging African Americans Because They are African Americans

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Hanging African Americans Because They are African Americans

So there is lots of chatter over the non-recorded vote that took place by 6 Senators last night to approve a bill that says sorry for lynchin' all those African Americans. While those of us on the Left are wondering why it is that only certain Republicans didn't attach their name to the resolution as a show of support, the Freepers have different ideas about the appology. Here are a few jems from the bigots at Freeper Central:
Holy moly! Lynching isn't against the law???

Well, live and learn. There's a fella in the mail room who's been giving me dirty looks. I think me and a few of the guys from Financial Operations are gonna pay him a lunch time visit and exact my revenge the only legal way I know of.


I'm gonna check the supply closet and see if we carry rope, ping. (same freeper)


I don't want the US Senate wasting time on this...except maybe Byrd who could be responsible for lynchings. Let's get an Energy bill passed or fix SS !

And they wonder why congress only has a 20 percent approval rate!!


The problem is they lynch the wrong perps, they need to run full speed on the ACLU and other commie entities who wish the demise of America.


My belief: latest polling data shows that the Democrats are losing their grip on Blacks. Bush has been good for minorities on many levels. The Democrats offer nothing except victimhood for Blacks.

Emmett Till is exhumed and autopsied. There is a 1964 Civil Rights murder trial underway. Lynching is now back on the front page. The message is going out: The US hates Blacks. Blacks are victims. The only safe place is back on the plantation.

The Democrats are desperate, and I think the game is over for them. The days of 90% of Blacks voting Democrat are over -- and the Dems can feel it slipping away.

I won't go on because I just hurled a few thousand times, I think my inner sub-mucosal cells just flew the coop. However, in response to that last post, I think the only things Democrats have to do in order to keep the African American vote is point to A) this legislation and B) this thread at Free Republic.