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Monday, May 16, 2005

Newsweek's Nea Culpa

I guess a blog called Media in Trouble should have written about this type of thing a lot sooner but the latest Newsweekgate has reminded me of something the "liberal media" conspiracy theorists constantly do.

First Juan Cole has a great redux on the Newsweek "American's flushed the Qu'ran" story that somehow the rest of the media (like CNN who have enlisted David Gergen former advisor for lots of presidents) has focused on the error in the story that isnt an error, even though the editors say there are errors.

So those who claim this is yet more proof of the liberal media. The problem is the source of the story is a senior U.S. Government official.

There goes that claim of liberal media bias. Perhaps it is these senior officials who are biased. However, what irks me more are these liberal media bias people. How can you claim the media in biased in one statement but go and use that same media source as a citation of proof from some other piont you are trying to make? Right wingers do this constantly, they will claim CNN is the liberal media giant who pipes in Marxist subliminal messages, then they will turn around and link to a CNN report about some attrocious anti-left wing story.

Sometimes they will do this in the same day. You will never see anyone on the left using Fox news as their news source for any story unless by some miracle Fox decided to pre-emptively report a story about George Bush taking it in the ass from a Horse back in 1977. Those of us who really believe that Fox news is nothing but a right wing network, know better than to trust anything it reports. So why shouldn't the right hold such liberal news media to the same standard? Why not stop using the "New York Slimes" as a source if it is so liberal? Why link to the "Washington Compost"? Instapundit is one that repeatedly goes all out on pissing on the liberal media then (often in the same day) goes on to use the same media source as proof and illustration of his point. Take today for example! Glenn is going Instanutz on his Instacoverage of this Instabullshit.

So, shouldn't MSNBC (owner of Newsweek), also be held accountable for force feeding the public a magazine whose communist pages have finally been exposed for what they truly are? Shouldn't Glenn and Austin on principle alone refrain from appearing on such a bastion of liberal publicity?

Perhaps that is why the Instabutt brothers Glenn and Austin are going to do when they appear on MSNBC today. GIVE'EM HELL G&A, they are only a cog in that machine that is keeping the rest of us down here from telling the truth!

So, a hint to those who scream liberal media! Stop citing them as a reliable source for news, otherwise your argument becomes as they (apparently) say in Texas CIRCYALUR.