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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

More of this please!

I missed Arlen Specter's column on Sunday. Why can't more Republican's be like Mr. Specter. He basically just called out Dick Armey for trying to defeat what appears to be a decent asbestos bill in this editorial. Now I am all for holding firms accountable. However, asbestos is not like tobacco. At least for most of these claims, the asbestos corporations had no idea about the dangers of asbestos. If ccompanies and local governments are going broke trying to pay off victims of cancer which may or may not have been caused by asbestos, then that is not good. I am all for the government getting involved in capping legal fees and judging who gets what for the right reasons which are clearly laid out, instead of courts having to trudge through this.

Besides that, anytime a Republican outs another Republican its always a good sign. This may be the first time this has happened at the national level in like 10 years.

This bill will allow the courts to attend to other business, like legislating from the bench, judging who gets to kill babies, and who gets to marry their own gender.