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Monday, May 23, 2005

Congitive Dissonance

As many of you have heard, both in the run up to the election and now last Friday, the President will use his veto power (FINALLY!) to veto a bill that eases restrictions on Federal grants for Stem Cell Research. The bill will ear mark more federal money for research on embryo's that will be thrown into the garbage unless used for scientific purposes (because nobody wants to have these embryo's implated in there wombs).

Worth mentioning is Da Prenident's reasoning behind his stance on Stem Cell Research:
"I made [it] very clear to the Congress that the use of federal money, taxpayers' money, to promote science which destroys life in order to save life, I'm against that," Bush told reporters. "Therefore if the bill does that, I will veto it."

Well, that is a pretty general thought process. He didn't specify what kind of life so I guess all that animal research that helps us get drugs like aspirin, tylenol, claritin, viagra, zocor, lipitor, chemotherapy, open heart bypass surgery, CPR, First Aid, angioplasty (that thing that saved Dick Cheney's ass time and time again), and perhaps the entire compendium of medicines, procedures, and that which encompasses the entire medical field would never come to be if President Bush had his way?

Or perhaps he is just talking about human life. Research which results in the destruction of human life. Hmm, that doesn't work because most clinical trials have people dying in them, some of those deaths are related to the trials themselves and may or may not actually keep a drug or procedure from being approved for use.

However, all this is really out of the scope of the President. He really doesn't have anything to do with how clinical research is conducted, be it on animals or on people. There is ONE situation where this president DID have control over wether or not he would save some lives by destroying others.

Where was this thinking way back in say March 20, 2003.

Of course the alternative to having these embryo's destroyed is to have them implated in some wombs, so those of you ont eh religious right, I hear there are thousands of embryos in a freezer somewhere waiting to be implanted. Anyone want to volunteer?