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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Ever Myopic: Tom MacGuire

First read his piece about the White House Correspondence Association not thinking Guckert/Gannon or his presence among the press corps was nefarious.

Then follow his first link

Then wonder why he fails to mention that the White House Correspondents Association has nothing to do with issuing White House Press Credentials in the first place:
The decision effectively keeps the WHCA out of the credentialing process following talk during the past month that the 300-member group might take more of a role in deciding who gets press credentials. Currently, the Standing Committee of Correspondents on Capitol Hill, a committee of congressional reporters, has sole authority over who gets press passes there. But all White House press passes are distributed by the White House Press Office with no WHCA involvement.

Emphasis mine of course.

Finally, do as Tom MacGuire asks and:
Someone please be sure to let me know when this scandal is over.

Tommy Boy. Not as long as you keep posting this out of context shite. Tom if only you would have read the next paragraph in your citation. <