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Monday, January 09, 2006

Ohio Paper Publishes Freeper Post


In the letters to the editor section of The Times Reporter (Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio), a list of "Democrats who have taken money from Jack Abramoff, according to Federal Elections Commission records."

At the end of the article, it says this:
EDITOR'S NOTE: A complete listing of Abramoff'’s contributions is available at

So I did just that, I went to the website, clicked on individual contributions, searched for Abramoff, Jack and did a CTRL+F to search for Baucus (the first democrat on Lee Bovine's list).

NOTHING. Seems like the editor's didn't follow their own note.

Then I worked on my first hunch and said, hmmf. "fair and balanced"

So I googled "list of democrats abramoff"

Lookie here the freepi have the same list. With the same people, with the same, total.

I wonder how The Times Reporter feels about just publishing the words of freepi MNJohnnie whom choses the following words in his profile:
I work as a Computer Routing Specialist for Supervalu. A former Army Infantryman, I am a political junkie and passionate George W. Bush Supporter. I have reached the end of my tolerance for the absolutely criminal behavior of the Hysterical Left in this country. What the Left seems unwilling to grasp is this simple fact. No amount of money, peace vigals or encouter groups are going to keep them safe from people who are convinced their god wants all Americans dead. There are no ground for "peaceful coexistence" with the Islamic Terrorists. We have three choices, kill them, convert to Islam or die. Since I have no desire for the last two, the first is my choice.

"Fair and balanced" indeed.

UPDATE: In fairness, the Freepi point to this CRP site as their source. It highlights all Abramoff and Associated Indian Tribe money. If you are bored and have time to click on every single Democrat link you will find no mention of Abramoff as the sender of the money. However, click on Tom Delay and a few other Republicans and you will find Abramoff's name. The error commited by this any I am sure many other news sources repeating the claim that "Democrats recieved Abramoff contributions," is that they didn't recieve Abramoff contributions. They recieved contributions from Indian Tribes which may or may not have been coerced by Abramoff.

UPDATE 2: (I have waited a long time to type these words) WELCOME ATRIOTS! Y'all come back now ya hear!

UPBER UPDATE 3: from commenter paul, The Times Reporter posts the correction! And they have removed the original LTE from the internets. I Love the smell of an Atriolanche in the morning... Smells like... Victory. CONGRATULATIONS Blogosphere! Self Correcting Blogosphere - 1 : Freepi - 0.