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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Why I Felt Good Voting for Jon Corzine

In the words of Steven Colbert:

"The man has Balls"

It took balls to pull Goldman Sachs out of a problem he was sort of involved in creating, and still make his company money in the process.

This demonstrates enormous problem solving talents,and the humility to fix one's own mistakes. We all know that Jersey has its share of problems that need solving. We also know that accountability seems to be missing in today's political landscape.

It took balls to vote against the Iraq war. He was one of 23 Senators who didn't trust what the President and Ahmed Chalabi was telling him. If anything this demonstrates that he knows a lie when he sees it.

It also took balls to help out Loretta Weinberg in Bergen county. This demonstrated the greatest use of his testicular fortitude. For this demonstrates that he is willing to change the political structure and culture of New Jersey. A willingness to stand up to Democrat bosses that have corrupted our great state's political process.

Perhaps his greatest move should he be elected would be to stand up to yet another party boss that has lost all credibility (and seemingly accountability) in the district he represents in the United States Congress. Hopefully, the balls Senator Corzine has shown throughout his political life, will once more be utilized in making the gutsy decision to NOT appoint Bob Menendez to his Senate seat. As a constituent of Congressman Menendez, I have seen many reasons to oppose him, and very few to support him occupying the seat the Senator Corzine used to do so much good over the past five years.

Governor Elect Jon Corzine, I for one am looking forward to your 4 years in office, may the testicular fortitude you have shown throughout your life, guide you through the tough challenge ahead.