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Friday, November 11, 2005

Judy gets testy with NPR's Montagne

There are various timepoints in this interview when Judy Miller gets all "I'm beyond reproach" on Renee Montagne. Judy blames editors for her shitty reporting. The best part though is when Renee asks Judy about Libby (about 2 mins 09 secs):

Rough Transcript:
MONTAGNE: In your reporting of it, you agreed to identify Lewis Libby as a former hill staffer.

MILLER: NO I DIDN'T. I agreed to listen to that information in that way.

MONTAGNE (cutting her off): How do you mean, for the average person, what does it mean to listen to the information that way.

MILLER: ... It is very common in Washington, to hear information on the basis of one attribution, then go back to that source IF your going to use that information, and say you know, this attribution really won't fly, let's come up with an attribution that more accurately reflects your job and what you do.

MONTAGNE (again cutting off): But does that work? Are you saying you do that frequently, make an agreement to hear information under one...

MILLER: ... I say it is often done... Renee I am not going to argue with you...
(listen to the whole thing, and of course the emphasis is mine)
If Judy is right, then the Kocktail Klub Kids in DC are indeed taking their positions as watchdogs rather loosely.

As Atrios would say, nothing a blogger ethics conference couldn't sift out for sure.

UPDATE! Bienvenue Crapheads Y'all come back now ya hear!