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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Blogging of the Blogosphere

Matt and Chris offer up this wonkish report about the current status of political blogging in this country. The data is staggering and the good news is that the left is winning the numbers game in terms of shear quantity. The god news is made better by the fact that the left is totally self grown whereas the right's blogosphere is overwhelmingly astroturfed.

The bad news is that the left is loosing the GWOT you never hear about Great War on Traffic. I have said this plenty of times. Big bloggs on the left link to other big blogs on the left. Its like they started this movement and have all met each other and have this great slumber party sense of who each other is. However, it is rare (although lately I have seen more of it) that the big bloggers will break the norm and link to a little blogger on the left.

Why just yesterday, the biggest racist blogger in the world Michele Malkin linked to little old NJ blogger Enlighten NJ.

While I hope that politicians will glean a bunch from this report. I doubt the big bloggers will. However, it is encouraging that Matt is working with us NJ bloggers to help manage the messages surrounding the NJ Gubernatorial race. In fact he has even helped yours truly with some decent advice. SO read the report. If anything the simple line that politicians should hire Netroots folks may open up some avenues for payment for those of us here in left blogistan.

Thanks Matt