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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Gonzales under the Microscope?

CREW a citizens watchdog group has filed a complaint against AG select Al Gonzales.

It seems that Bush's DUI will forever haunt him and those around him. As it turns out Bush was called in for Jury Duty for a 1996 DUI case while he was governor. Instead of performing his civic duty he got Al to get him out of it. Otherwise he would have to disclose his own DUI conviction (back then it was still a secret).

So, the problem is that Al did this kinda sneakily. He went behind closed doors with the judge and said that the Govna might have to pardon this drunk someday so you wouldn't want him to be on the jury now would ya?

So Bush was taken off jury duty and all was fine. Until Al lied about it to Sen. Patrick Leahy.

He was there and the decision to take W off the jury was the Judge's and he had nothin to do with it.

So maybe CREW is going to acheive what the fatcats in washington wont with their top to bottom OK votes just because he is a Latino. pfft

As a matter of fact I wish this would have happened after he had been confirmed so that every Senator who voted for him could be held accountable for YES'in this guy.

For the record I say NAY!

Wouldn't it be grand to have an Attorney General debarred.