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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Take Action against Sinclair Media

I don't know if you remember Sinclair's baffonery before the election but if you don't this may help refresh your mind.

Well, Sinclair Media hasn't really changed its ways so a coalition of liberal groups have decided to put their post election eggs into the media bias activism basket. My philosphy is that the media really is in control of politics. What better example than the recent Chatanooga Free Press reporter who got the DOD to ramp up armor protection by planting the questoin on the troop. is a conglomerate led by Media Matters for America and supported by MoveOn,, Free Press, Working Assets, Robert Greenwald (Director, Outfoxed), AlterNet, and The Institute for America's Future.

They decided to start a website to attack Sinclair and let its advertisers know that in fact they are sons-a-conservative-bitches. So you can too, you can write a letter to the Sinclair advertisers to let them know your point of view.