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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Sorry for the delay folks.. Happy Turkey day!

Hey bloggers,

Sorry for the delay in putting up some posts. I realize I have been lax a bit, but I have added and changed a few things.

First there is a new subscription form for anyone who hates actually coming here randomly. This is the simplest form of subscribing to my blog. It will email you without any problems whenever I put a new post up.

For the few that have already signed up through my google group. I suggest you sign up again through the bloglet box. Once I know you are all there I will get rid of my googlegroup.

Its just easier that way.

Second, New links section! All teased apart so you don't go cross-eyed. I know I was going cross-eyed before. The link service I had before was bloggrolling. It sucked because it made you pay to divide your links in categories. So I had to go to a Portuguese server all the way across the ocean to get me something free and better. One issue I have already found is that it wont work with apostrophes. Sandro and Jose, sorry.

Third, I am now mobilized. This means you can now carry my blog with you or access it on your cell, PDA, or anything else with an internet connection and a small screen. Fun stuff and its pretty easy. I got the idea from instapunit. That bastard gets millions of hits for saying nothing new or interesting. Goshdammit I too shall one day get that many hits.

I too shall rule the living room of my house instead of a half cube in a big pharmaceutical corporation.

Last bug not least, I have sold out. I have put ads up. This is however, a free service so it can't be considered selling out. These are annoying little tidbits just like my ad is. But hopefully it will give me hits galore.

I shall add more things in the future. When you look at the blog you will see nothing but a bunch of boxes and text hiding my actual post.

But it is all about the hits. Anyway, you tech savvy people will enjoy the winksite, as for the rest of you get with it.!

However, nothing is more important to me than you visiting the site and spending some time clicking around from my links to excellent sources of news that wont make the News Hour with Jim Lehrer.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!